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Department of Agriculture Cultivation (JBP) from 1973 to 2010 had already produced 2.999 Agriculture Graduates who fulfilled any job fields. Department of Agriculture Cultivation up to 2007 had 3 study programs such as Agronomy Study Program (PSA), Horticulture (PSH) and Plant Breeding (PSPT). Agronomy Study Program agree with the decision of BAN PT DIKNAS No. 017/BAN-PT/Ak-IX/S1/X/2005, has B level. Horticulture Study Program agree with the decision of BAN PT DIKNAS No. 022/BAN-PT/Ak-IX/S1/XII/2005, has A level. Plant Breeding Study Program agree with the decision of BAN PT DIKNAS No.: 026/BAN-PT/Ak- XII/S1/IX/2009, has B level.

In 2008, the three study programs under Department of Agriculture Cultivation was omitted and formed new study program such as Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness which are directly under Agriculture Faculty management.

In the Department of Agriculture Cultivation, there are 3 academic organizers and developers unit or laboratory, such as Laboratory of Environment Resources (SDL), Plant Physiology (FISTUM), and Plant Breeding (PT), five UPT of Biotechnology, Tissue Culture, Climatology, Ecology and Practicum Garden, Library and Educational Administration. There were 59 lecturers in the department of Agriculture Cultivation by the end of the year 2010. Ratio of lecturers: students were around 1:8. There were 20% Professors, 32% Head of Lectors, 20% Lectors, and 29% Skilled-Assistant. S2 lecturers : 54,24% and S3 lecturers : 45,76%.

Staffs in the Department of Agriculture Cultivation are 12 persons, 9 persons (PNS status), 2 persons (Faculty Honorary), and 1 person (Department Honorary). The distribution of staff job in the department of Agriculture Cultivation consist of: 4 persons in the academic administration, 1 person in the library, 6 persons as the laboratory assistant, 1 person as cleaning service.

Physical infrastructure in JBP consist of main building which has 3 floors with ± 1092 mwidth, with lecturing room (80 m2), laboratory (316 m2), lecturer room (508 m2), library (49 m2) and Gazebo 40 m2. The room ratio with the number of lecturers ± 8 m2 and the room ratio of lecturing room in JBP with the students ± 0,65 m2.

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