Department of Agronomy

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The Department of Agronomy is one of four departments in the Faculty of Agriculture which has been providing higher education services in the field of Agronomy since 1973. As mentioned in PPRI No. 17 of 2010, Department of Agronomy is the set of resources supporting the study program in a discipline family Science, technology and arts, especially the science of Agronomy.

Until 1974, the Department of Agronomy has two majors, namely the Department of Agriculture Engineering and the Department of Socio-Economic Agriculture. In 1975 there was an improvement and refinement of the education system, by applying a semester credit system. In that same year the division of the department was refined and adjusted to the demands of needs, so that opened four majors, namely Department of Agronomy, Socio-Economic Agriculture, Plant Protection and Soil Science. In 1978, there was a change to the education system again. With the enactment of undergraduate education system loaded 144 credits, majoring in Agronomy renamed the Department of Agronomy.

Department of Agronomy learn ways to increase crop production through improvement of cultivation technique and plant improvement. Department of Agronomy is taken care of by 55 lecturers and is biggest majors in Faculty of Agriculture. Department of Agronomy has 4 Laboratories and 2 Technical Implementation Unit, namely Crop and Environmental Laboratory, Plant Physiology Laboratory, Plant Breeding Laboratory, and Climatologi Laboratory, and than Technical Implementation Unit Breeding and Technical Implementation Unit Biotechnology and Plant Tissue Isolation. Judging from the distribution based on the competence of 21 lecturers in Crop and Environmental Laboratory, 12 lecturers in Plant Physiology Laboratory, 16 lecturers in Plant Breeding Laboratory and 6 lecturers in Climatology Laboratory. Viewed from Academic Position, 12 of lecturers at the level of Professor, 11 of lecturers at the level of Associate Professor, 13 of lecturers at the level of Associate, 10 of lecturers at the level of Assistant Professor, 10 of lecturers at the level of Lecturer and 7 lecturers with work agreement.